Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Six Months and Counting

My son is six months old today...

...and exclusively breastfed.

This is a huge milestone for us and one which brings me enormous joy.  I wanted to breastfeed Miss Mouse, but we only made it five weeks.  She never got the hang of it and then a perfect storm of health problems on my end conspired to thwart our plans. 

It went something like this.  I got mastitis (no biggie).  They prescribed an antibiotic that triggered an allergic reaction (oops).  By the time we sorted that out, the infection was raging and they sent me to the hospital for IV antibiotics (needles, ugh).  But it was too little too late because the infection created a massive abscess in my left breast, ultimately requiring surgery to drain (seriously gross).  After five days in the hospital, culminating in lactation-hindering slicing and dicing, I threw in the breastfeeding towel.  But I mourned the loss and have felt residual maternal guilt that I wasn't able to provide "the best" for my girl. 

Flash forward two and a half years and enter, Buggie.  Breastfeeding Round 2 went much better (though was not without its initial hiccups -- breastfeeding may be a "womanly art" but it is anything but easy!) and after a couple months, we really got the hang of it.  I'm looking forward to starting his Adventures in Real Food after a check-in with the pediatrician on Monday, but am so proud that Buggie's been 100% Boob Baby up until now.

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  1. Hey Kate,

    Just to let you know I emailed your blog to David Sirota. Here is his blog page. I think you might enjoy him In beween working, cooking, writing and mommying, of course.....
    Love ya,


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